From South America to South Africa, and all over the world, Israel, often acting together with the United States, has undermined popular movements by supplying weapons, technology and training to repressive governments.

This website seeks to gather testimony and expose Israel’s historic and ongoing role in transforming its colonization of Palestine into profit through exporting repression around the world.

This website is a collective effort of organizations and activists impacted by and fighting the role that Israel, as a junior partner to the United States and settler colonial State in the Middle East (Southwest Asia/North Africa), and Zionist organizations play in repression and arms trade. Please contact us if you are interested in

  • participating in activities,
  • have reports and articles that document the role of Israel and Zionist organizations in repression and arms trade,
  • want to post testimony about the impact of Israel or Zionist organizations on you, your community or your movement,
  • Want to post campaigns or activities that expose and challenge this role
  • Want more information or have questions

Download below in your preferred language:

Israel: su role en la repression mundial Israel's role in global repression


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