Popular Tribunals

We seek partners to build towards international tribunals exposing the State of Israel’s role in fostering state repression and arming violent regimes in the Middle East/SWANA (Southwest Asia – North Africa) and in countries and regions around the world from Columbia to South Africa, Tunisia to the United States. The tribunals will bring together activists from popular movements in various regions most impacted by Israel’s historic and current role in arming and training repressive regimes, states, forces and militia with tools and methods that have been developed through Israel’s historic and ongoing repression of Palestinian people.

The purposes of the tribunals are to:

1) develop a strong and well-documented case against Israel’s role in State repression and violence including facts, evidence, testimony, personal stories

2) increase our collective ability to confront and impair the Israeli arms industry and its collaboration with state violence and repression and

3) make connections between the resistance of Palestinian grassroots movements for liberation and other movements that seek to dismantle repressive forces that collude with and depend on Israel.

Toward building interest in this proposal, we organized a social movement assembly, Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression and Arms Trade, at the World Social Forum (WSF) Free Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The assembly featured background information and testimony from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the U.S. and South Africa. This process built momentum for regional tribunals in South America and generated several action ideas including: supporting on-going organizing towards a Military Embargo; supporting the international campaign against G4S – the world’s largest private security company; Campaigns against police training/exchanges with Israel (e.g. in U.S., Brazil, Canada); Campaigns against threats & blockade against Iran; Demands to Brazilian government to stop contracts with Israel; and regional People’s Tribunals to expose role of Israel & Zionist organizations in countries around the world.

Following the WSF Free Palestine, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement traveled to Argentina and Venezuela where activists expressed interest in organizing tribunals in their countries, perhaps toward a South American joint tribunal. During the forum Brazilian and Columbian activists expressed similar interest.

It is our intention to use these tribunals as platforms to launch and/or advance national and international campaigns on the issues stated above and beyond. One recent model where this has been successfully applied is the International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, organized by the Peoples’ Hurricane Relief Fund in New Orleans in 2007. This tribunal helped lay the foundation for the successful prosecution of several police officers in 2011 who attempted to cover up the extrajudicial killing of several evacuees on the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans following the Hurricane induced flooding of the city in September 2005.

Please contact us to get involved and help organize towards a tribunal in your region

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